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Automatic Continuous Lubricator - TYPE AO
Driveshaft R.P.M. Direction of Drive Type Ordering Number
Min. Normal Max.
45 67 110 L.H. AOA-L3 D2596
100 150 250 L.H. AOB-L3 D2598
R.H. AOB-R3 D2599
400 600 1000 L.H. AOD-L3 D2600
R.H. AOD-R3 D2601
650 1000 1650 L.H. AOE-L3 D2602
R.H. AOE-R3 D2603
1200 1800 3000 L.H. AOC-L3 D2604
R.H. AOC-R3 D2605

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